On the shores of civility


Simona Raševová (ed.), Stéphane Zygart, Marek Kettner, Andrej Grubačić, Petr Kouba

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What does the way it treats precarious lives, the lives of those on the poverty line, facing precarious working conditions or forced migration say about today’s society? What does the way it distributes the social and political conditions of life preservation that make certain lives more subject to precarity than others say about our value system? The aim of this collection of papers, which is part of the project Borders of Society - Exclusion, Memory, Inclusion, is to create a space to discuss the precarization of life and the new forms it is taking, as a result of the turbulent socio-political changes of the last decades. When we talk about precarity, we mean, first of all, a certain situation of uncertainty regarding human life, the life of certain populations or groups within those populations. Which, in view of the socio-political and economic factors of globalisation - among them pandemics, precariousness of work or military conflicts - find themselves in a situation of existential precariousness.

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